Larissa Marcano

The artist Vattallini, also known as Larissa Marcano, is a Digital and Fine Artist who specializes in Illustrations, Concept Art, Costume Design, Environment Design, and Visual Storytelling. She was born and raised in Southern California and moved for most of her life across LA and Orange County. According to her mother, she has been drawing since she was 2 and has had a very active imagination since she was born. She spent a year training under the mentorship of the late Mark Westermoe, former owner of the Associates of Art School in Los Angeles. After spending a year under his teachings, Larissa went to Laguna College of Art + Design, specifically to earn her bachelors in Illustration and Minor in Creative Writing. She has spent her life in the magic and supernatural that she was born into, coming from a family from a spiritual background and is inspired by historical figures and events dealing with folklore of witches and mystery. Larissa enjoys old movies, history, and writing stories in her spare time. 


I paint and draw spirits and witches from another dimension and tell stories about them. The unknown mysteries of those who never got their stories told, I tell them when they can’t. Witches have lived on the earth for centuries, but so many have lost their stories and my work will tell you the tales of women and men facing their inner disturbance along with their grievances that come from afar from the moon and stars. I’ve experienced so many strange and harrowing events in my life caused by being an insomniac since I was 2 and being put on prescription medication since I was 4 years old. It labeled me with a disability and placed me in an autistic category. This inspires me to do nothing else but show you the tales of humanity’s misery and the witches who’ve tried to help cure it. So long have we depicted them as succubi and child eaters that we have turned them into cartoons and fairy tales, not knowing where or why the stereotypes exist or came from. Humanity tends to reflect itself from its past and will either learn from it or repeat its events and internal struggles. Much like the artist Francisco José de Goya who depicted his darkness in his gruesome paintings we know today, those causes may have been part of his experiences in the Peninsula War, Alternatively, it may have been something much deeper that he used to paint which reflected upon him and the social and political structure of his environment. However, I am nothing like Goya because I did not experience war as an illustrative journalist, but I am enough to say the events in my life have been nothing but supernatural much like his paintings and his deep reactions to his surroundings. While I could write these tales of hardship and grief, it doesn’t allow for the same depth and emotion as illustrating it does. My art will speak all their words unspoken for.