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Larissa Marcano

The artist Vattallini, also known as Larissa Marcano, is a Digital and Fine Artist who specializes in Illustrations, Concept Art, Costume Design, Environment Design, and Visual Storytelling. She was born and raised in Southern California and moved for most of her life across LA and Orange County then moved to Chicago of fall 2019. According to her mother, she has been drawing since she was 2 and has had a very active imagination since she was born. She spent a year training under the mentorship of the late Mark Westermoe, former owner of the Associates of Art School in Los Angeles. After spending a year under his teachings, Larissa went to Laguna College of Art + Design, where she earned her bachelors in Illustration and Minor in Creative Writing. Her art resonates with her lifetime struggle of healing and surviving trauma and so happens to be the message for her audience to help see the turmoils and loss in those struggling to overcome their oppressors. Larissa enjoys old movies, history, and writing stories in her spare time. 


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